Sheez, and I thought I was just a physical wreck!

cartoon man laying on a therapists couch talking about his problems

Tonight is my first appointment with a therapist. I’ve been having some pretty intense anxiety over the past couple of months. It involves some public humiliation that I don’t want to get into the specifics of…I wasn’t arrested or anything like that. It’s safe to keep reading.

Anyway, I was having a little trouble coping so my wife strongly suggested that a Therapist might be in order.

Finding a therapist is a surprisingly difficult task. It’s a booming business and many that I spoke to are just too busy to take on new patients and if they are taking on new people then the wait can be months. I finally found one and today is the day! I’m dreading it a little as I was raised to make light of things like “anxiety” and “panic” and just about anything serious…jeez, my parents were the worst. Kidding, they did their best.

I don’t know what to expect. Therapy for people my age used to be discussed in hushed tones but people these days are very open about it and I think that’s great. I’ll report what he says in a future entry.

On the metabolic front, I’m back into the full-blown low-carb lifestyle and feeling a lot better. I managed to even get out for a walk and a run yesterday. I need to get some streak of days behind me, I’m back on the west coast next week and hotel living is a major stumbling block.

today’s observation: I do my best proof-reading after I hit “publish”.

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