The Beach in January

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Such a beautiful day here in God’s country that we’re heading out for a walk on the beach. I need it. The cold has driven me indoors and into the pantry for the past week!

I’m still intrigued by my late-stage ADD diagnosis. In my mind I see myself getting on these drugs and then attacking all the projects I’ve started over the years and never finished…wishful thinking I’m sure.

I’m an amateur software developer….a professional one too…and I have several “great” ideas for Apps that I’ve worked on and planned out and never finished…could Focalin-XR be my secret weapon? I’m willing to try anything at this point.

These App ideas; all of them are pretty much already available except for one. I suppose I should “focus” on that one first although a couple of the others are more interesting.

Image result for app images
not my phone. I haven’t owned and iPhone in quite some time.

Traveling out to California tomorrow for work. I’m looking forward to it! I will definitely write about my experiences in beautiful San Jose!

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