Sunny California!

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I’m out in Northern California on a “business trip”. That sounds so adult!

Anyway, the morning I left the East Coast it was 65 degrees and the first morning I woke up in California it was 39! Here in Google-Land it seems to rain a lot this time of year and it’s cold. I’m here to work though. I do go for my diabetes-walk every morning though and it’s been pretty chilly.

I walk each morning for about an hour and half depending on what I have going on. It’s easy to do here since I never seem to get off Eastern Standard Time so I’m the ghost walking through the empty streets at 4am.

Keeping to good eating patterns is pretty tough when one is living out of a hotel. I’ve

been doing my best but I can’t say I’ve stayed completely low-carb. I’m hoping the walks are making up for my weak will.

One thing I have managed to keep up with is the crossword puzzle.

I’m pretty attached to my streak and I’ve kept myself on it since my mother’s funeral. I don’t mean to be maudlin but it’s true. I was on like around a 90 day streak when my mother passed away then I missed a couple of days…hey, i was upset, and I do actually have feelings, thank you very much 🙂 . Anyway, I’m approaching 2 years straight of not missing a day. I do, now and then, have to look up a clue or two…those puzzle-masters are evil…but over that time I’ve learned a lot of the tricks and I get by pretty well.

I’m in a relatively new job and just learning the team and the work. It’s exciting to say the least and I lose sleep over it but I’m sure it’ll smooth out over time.

Still haven’t heard from the headshrinker on the results of my ADD evaluation.

Currently listening to Recursion and currently reading the 4th book in the Extinction Point series. Recursion was rated one of the best Sci-Fi books of 2019 and Extinction Point is brain candy but you gotta read something light every now and then.

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