Covid-19 in Philly

My son has one friend that hasn’t been laid off. My son has a lot of friends. He’s a bartender and, granted, most of his friends are in the service industry but to think that only one of his many friends is still working is mind-boggling.

I work from home normally so this isn’t that much of a change for me however I do have my wife around all the time as she has been laid off; she’s a teacher.

My business provides remote technical support using support agents that are not in call-center but work from their homes. It has been an interesting period for us; we have a lot of new opportunities but many of our current clients are experiencing problems and so their futures are shaky.

So what disaster awaits us next? In think that through I was not encouraged to see the air force release tapes of incidents when their pilots spotted UFOs. Can it get worse?

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