what do we do if we lose?

November is fast approaching and the race is tightening up. There are all sorts of musing about what happens if we lose. I imagine the idea of another “civil” war as so out there as to be ridiculous but i guess I thought Global Pandemics were only for books and movies before this year.

2020 has seen so many of our deepest nightmares come to pass and it feels like it won’t end anytime soon. I can’t even imagine who is going to line up for the “vaccine” that is due before the election. It feels like it will be all ant-vaxxers taking it and pro-vaccine people not. The world is upside down.

So, back to the original question; I was never one of those “if my guy doesnt win I’m leaving the country sort but, (again 2020) now I would seriously consider it, Ah, but TWIST, we can’t go anywhere!

We seem to be stuck in a nightmare we can’t wake up from.

Oh! My Fasting Blood Glucose is way better these days!

How to avoid a nightmare trustee board | Third Sector

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