Intermittent Fasting; here we go again!

I wish I could blame it on Covid but it was more likely due to life changes, a new job back in November and some other crap I won’t get into here, maybe someday when I can even bear to think about it. Anyway, I stopped intermittent fast, I stopped Keto, I basically stopped caring. So, i went from an A1C of 6.5 to 10.5 at my last check 2 weeks ago. I did manage to keep my weight down only gaining 10 pounds in that time which sounds like a lot to some people but I’m 6’4″ and 10 pounds either way doesnt make much difference.

I met virtually with my endocrinologist, who looked exhausted, but looked even more worried when she looked at my numbers. I didnt get into the reasons for the fallback, she’s not my therapist, but said i had gotten back on the right path a couple of weeks ago (1 week really, I’m such a liar).

The good news is, after a couple of weeks, I’ve settled into a routine and I’m going in the right direction. I have gotten on a good Keto path and don’t eat until between 1 and 2 every afternoon and stop eating around 7-ish. My blood sugar levels are looking really good and I’ve lost some weight! I hadn’t been sleeping well so I’ve also cut my caffeine in half by making a pot of half-caf every morning instead of full strength and I’ve cut out diet soda. Dr. saw me drinking one during our appointment (the perils of Zoom!) and scolded me pretty good. I haven’t had a Coke since then and have substituted with water. I don’t miss it which is weird for me, I’ve drank it so long and I’m not even tempted.

Coca-Cola® Zero Sugar | Coca-Cola®

i have a spreadsheet where I track all my numbers, here’s an excerpt;

My Daily Numbers

So, as you can see things are on an upswing. I am also keeping track of my blood pressure because that’s a real problem for diabetics if it gets out of hand. I added in a conversion to Kilograms because I was too lazy to find the formula for BMI that used pounds (stupid Americans, we don’t do metric!)

It’s a marathon not a sprint though so I have to keep at it. I do enjoy getting a green box much more than a red box though so that’s my motivation.

I’m the most unreliable blogger but I intend to keep tracking things here so stay tuned you nameless Romanian and Chinese viewers! 🙂

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