Parenting never ends

That baby is not mine, just an image from the internet. My oldest baby is turning 25 soon and she decided to pack up and move 3000 miles away. I was sad but it’s an adventure, although could be better timed but she’s an adult. Her mother and I worry a lot and usually there’s no reason to worry.

Yesterday we were in the supermarket when I got a call from her, “I don’t want to alarm you, I’m fine, but the car broke down and I’m on the side of the road somewhere in Tennessee.”.

My blood went cold. I imagined all the worst scenarios. My first instinct was to jump in my car and start driving to her, 14 hours away. That was irrational but I felt helpless.

We talked through calling AAA (which i had bought for her when she announced her intentions, really paid off) and I told her to get as far away from the car as she could and wait for the tow. She posted a pic of Instagram and her car down a berm on the shoulder of the road. What she hadn’t told me was that it was pouring rain out. I was really proud of her taking my advice and getting away from the car. Cars on the side of the road are magnets for people not paying attention.

AAA told her the tow would be an hour, she had a friend following her and she asked me if she should go with her to a gas station to wait. I didn’t think that was wise, an hour isn’t really that long and in that time someone could come and ransack her tightly packed SUV.

I was on edge while she waited, we have an app where we can see her location and I kept checking it to see if she was moving or not. Once the tow was there and she was on her way I was able to relax a little. With Covid she was not allowed to ride with the tow truck so if she hadn’t had her friend to fall back on I’m not sure what she would have done…does Uber pick up on the side of the road? I doubt it.

They towed her to a Honda dealer, not her car’s make, and they ran a diagnostic and determined what the problem was but didnt have the part. They advised her where to go and helped her understand the symptoms as after sitting for awhile the car would start again. The Honda Dealership charged her nothing for this and I’m grateful and thankful for decent people in the world.

Anyway, she’s back on the road and I still have simmering anxiety and will continue to be anxious till she gets to her destination.

No matter how old our kids get parenting never ends.

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