Where hope has gone to die

Just when we thought we couldn’t possibly feel worse about the state of our country, our society, our community, we see how tenuous hope is when it hangs on the shoulders of an 87 year old with cancer. She deserved so much better than to suffer knowing what her loss would mean to all ofContinue reading “Where hope has gone to die”

Intermittent Fasting; here we go again!

I wish I could blame it on Covid but it was more likely due to life changes, a new job back in November and some other crap I won’t get into here, maybe someday when I can even bear to think about it. Anyway, I stopped intermittent fast, I stopped Keto, I basically stopped caring.Continue reading “Intermittent Fasting; here we go again!”

what do we do if we lose?

November is fast approaching and the race is tightening up. There are all sorts of musing about what happens if we lose. I imagine the idea of another “civil” war as so out there as to be ridiculous but i guess I thought Global Pandemics were only for books and movies before this year. 2020Continue reading “what do we do if we lose?”

Day 14 PlayList

Wow. In the midst of this incredible worldwide phenomenon that hasn’t been seen in our lifetime I find myself doing very little productive. When London was quarantined for the Plaque Shakespeare wrote most of his brilliant plays. this will not be my output. I am however revisiting some songs I used to love. I reallyContinue reading “Day 14 PlayList”

Concerta and Ritalin

I started on some ADD medications last week. I’ve noticed a significant improvement in my focus. It’s great! I have been much more “present” in meeting and my thinking is more orderly. I’m still on the introductory low-dose, I move to the big leagues on Friday. Hopefully it will just get better. Work is crazyContinue reading “Concerta and Ritalin”

Measuring age…

My baby turns 22 next week (not pictured). I’m 55 and that seems old enough but when I see my baby all grown-up and approaching a milestone birthday (aren’t they all?) I can’t help but feel even older. I reflect that I may not see many more of his birthdays. Will I live to 78Continue reading “Measuring age…”