What am i thankful for?

So, I’m not overly sentimental, to my detriment at times. I try to be a good person and give others the benefit of the doubt. don’t get me wrong; I can be “judge-y”, nothing perfect about me. over the past year I’ve found out who my true friends are; the ones that will stand behindContinue reading “What am i thankful for?”

Intermittent Fasting; here we go again!

I wish I could blame it on Covid but it was more likely due to life changes, a new job back in November and some other crap I won’t get into here, maybe someday when I can even bear to think about it. Anyway, I stopped intermittent fast, I stopped Keto, I basically stopped caring.Continue reading “Intermittent Fasting; here we go again!”

Day 14 PlayList

Wow. In the midst of this incredible worldwide phenomenon that hasn’t been seen in our lifetime I find myself doing very little productive. When London was quarantined for the Plaque Shakespeare wrote most of his brilliant plays. this will not be my output. I am however revisiting some songs I used to love. I reallyContinue reading “Day 14 PlayList”